Dr. Tracey Vell MBE – The GM Care Record: The ‘single source of truth’ of the health and care needs of patients.

We know that the GM Care Record is important for patients, but what about clinicians and GPs in particular?


In this short film, Dr. Tracey Vell OBE, Clinical Director at Health Innovation Manchester, discusses the role of the GM Care Record in providing more informed care. She also describes the role that the GPs have in contributing to a ‘single source of the truth’ on the health and care needs of a patient.

Tracey explains: GPs put the bulk of the data into the system at the minute. So lots of people ask me ‘what’s in it for GPs then?’.


But GPs see the input from our community staff readily, from hospital staff, and it’s a really quick and efficient way of a single source of truth about a patient”.

Find out more about how the GM Care Record is being used to provide more informed care for patients in Greater Manchester: https://gmwearebettertogether.com/.

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