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Uniting leading healthcare providers with world-class academics and researchers through MAHSC

Manchester has been designated as an Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) for a further five years in recognition of the exceptional and world-leading health research partnership between the city-region’s NHS and academic organisations.

In April 2020, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC), part of Health Innovation Manchester, was officially been designated by National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)NHS England and NHS Improvement up to 2025. Find out more about the designation in this news story.

It is one of only eight academic health science centres in England – and the only one in the North West – designated to research new treatments, improve health education and transform patient care.

Our goal is to make new scientific discoveries and shorten the time to turn them into effective treatments to deliver benefits for patients locally and around the world.

Greater Manchester Academic Health Science and Innovation System

Greater Manchester Academic Health Science and Innovation System

Manchester is a leading international centre of excellence in education, research, healthcare, industry collaboration and the translation of cutting edge developments in science into care and treatment.  As part of Health Innovation Manchester, MAHSC brings together our world leading academic and NHS partners to drive health research.

MAHSC’s six research domains are focused on addressing the greatest population health challenges – cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammation and repair, women and children, mental health and neuroscience.

Crucially, research projects undertaken via MAHSC and GM’s other research bodies are pulled through HInM’s innovation pathway to provide a rich pipeline of evidence-based innovations that can be deployed at pace and scale.  It means we can make real fast-tracked improvements to the health of local people and beyond.

MAHSC Seminar Series

The Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC), Health Innovation Manchester’s Seminar Series will showcase the great discovery and clinical science being undertaken within Manchester and its impact on the health of the local population.

The series will give a local platform to the nationally and internationally renowned scientists of MAHSC to share their work with clinical/non-clinical and university colleagues, but also crucially members of the wider community seeking insight into innovations in the delivery of healthcare.

Nothing is as important nor evolving as rapidly as our understanding of COVID-19, which will be the focus of the initial seminars.


You can find all the links to the series below:

17th June 2020 – ‘Insights into the immunological response to COVID-19’ – Professor Tracy Hussell

1st July 2020 – ‘COVID-19 – Current & future diagnostic and therapeutic approaches’ – Professor Rick Body & Dr Tim Felton

  • YouTube link available here
  • Blog available here

15th July 2020 – ‘Understanding a pandemic. The mathematical modelling and epidemiology of COVID-19’ – Dr Thomas House & Professor Arpana Verma

  • YouTube link available here
  • Blog available here

MAHSC Partners


We also work in close collaboration with Manchester’s thriving scientific community and research infrastructure and Greater Manchester’s other higher education institutions.

Find out more about MAHSC's six research domains:

Laboratory Image

Cancer Domain

Blood Cells

Cardiovascular and Diabetes Domain

Inflammation and Repair

Inflammation and Repair Domain

Young Person

Mental Health Domain

Brain Research

Neuroscience Domain

Woman with baby

Women and Children Domain

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