Digital technology is transforming our lives in Manchester and beyond every day and supports us to do things more quickly and easily.

We now live in a  world where technology is part of our daily lives, from paying bills, to online shopping, to keeping up with news – the way we do things has been completely transformed because of digital technology.

We want to bring this level of digital disruption into our public services to give you greater control over your own health and wellbeing and transform the way in which you use services so they better meet your needs.

The NHS, councils and other public bodies across Greater Manchester are now working together to invest in new technologies that will help you and digitally transform your local services.

Technology will help us to address the many challenges we face across Greater Manchester. 

This project is being led by the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP), Health Innovation Manchester and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).

Greater Manchester Digital infographic

Maximising digital technology is fundamental to achieving Greater Manchester’s radical reform plans.

The Greater Manchester model for public services recognises that good health is created by good housing, education, employment, lifestyle, digital connectivity, transport links, clean air, safe neighbourhoods and opportunities to be physically active.  It is all interconnected.

The new health and care plan also outlines the creation of a population health system which promotes economic growth and prosperity for us all and delivers safe and sustainable services now and in the future.

Digital is a key enabler to these major city-region strategies, from analysing data to improve the health and wellbeing of local populations to providing world class care and treatment where and when you need it.

At a local level, Councils, NHS organisations and public service providers are implementing a whole range of digital improvements, from upgrading IT systems to introducing new innovative tools and technologies to enhance care.

Despite the digital revolution, healthcare and public services have been left behind. 

While there are many examples of advantages in digital technology across the UK and in Greater Manchester it is still not good enough.

For example, important patient information is held on hundreds of different systems, or even paper, which cannot be accessed from one place. This means you end up having to repeat your story to each professional, care is not joined-up between different agencies, important information is missed and problems are not identified early, which in extreme cases lead to harm.

We need to digitally transform how you engage with health and care services by bringing in new technologies and using data to provide more accurate and effective care and treatment.

Technology is enhancing our lives at each and every stage and helping us to:

  • Start well
  • Live well
  • Age well
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Local Health and Care Records in Greater Manchester

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Sharing Your Health and Care Data

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Digital Innovation in Greater Manchester

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Developing the Digital Skills of Our People

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Reaching GM's Potential in Digital and Technology

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Active Digital Projects Live in Greater Manchester

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