Public and Community Involvement and Engagement

Health Innovation Manchester works hard to ensure that the voices of local people are at the heart of all we do. To reflect this ambition, we have established a substantial Public and Community Involvement and Engagement Panel (PCIE) which brings together 18 local people from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Panel members also bring a range of skills, knowledge and lived experience to our portfolio of work.

Panel members were recruited in a variety of ways, but this included reaching out to connect with under-represented communities and marginalised groups so that the panel could be representative of some of the diverse communities of Greater Manchester.

By acting as our critical friends, this valuable core group:

  • Bring public perspectives and insights that enable us to realise our ambition to improve the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Greater Manchester.
  • Help inform our priorities by enabling us to better understand the issues that are important to local people including different communities and social groups
  • Contribute to Health Innovation Manchester Public & Patient Involvement and Engagement strategy
  • Work in partnership to ensure our public involvement and engagement activities are co-produced and consistent with Health Innovation Manchester’s strategic aims and objectives.
  • Contribute to decision making for new projects coming through the Health Innovation Manchester pipeline and this includes innovations developed by small and medium sized enterprises that we support through the European Regional Development Fund.
  • Support co-production of research for the Applied Research Collaboration in Greater Manchester

Like the wider population, panel members are also NHS patients, and often have experienced their own health problems. This lived experience is enabling us to better understand how to support people living with long term conditions.

Relationships are key to meaningful involvement and engagement and panel members often have connections to other grass roots community groups, charities and other valuable networks.

By acting as Community Champions, this core group are enabling us to be more inclusive and involve and engage seldom heard and marginalised groups.  This really adds value and some of the connections and lived experience that panel members bring includes:

  • Salford Voluntary Services
  • Diversity Matters North West
  • Awakening Minds-Rochdale
  • Hillel House Charity Manchester
  • Army of kindness (Homelessness charity)
  • Bridging communities
  • Breast Friends Blythe House
  • Multiple Walking football groups
  • Manchester Breast Cancer Groups
  • Rep for Macmillan Greater Manchester Cancer, which runs Breast Cancer Small Community Group
  • Syrian
  • Jewish
  • Nigerian
  • Afro-Caribbean Community
  • Arab Community
  • Kashmir Youth Project
  • Soul Sisters Bengali Community
  • Faith Based Communities
  • GP Patient Group – Hyde
  • Patient & Public Group (PPG) member, at The Vallance Centre, Manchester
  • Psoriasis Association
  • Diabetes UK
  • GGM Cancer: NHS England Patient Voices Group
  • Global Psoriasis Atlas
  • Human Library
  • James Lind Alliance Psoriatic Arthritis Priority Setting Partnership
  • Stalybridge and Hyde Labour Party Women’s Forum
  • Tameside and Glossop Partnership Engagement Network (PEN)
  • Manchester Health & Care Commissioning Patient & Public Advisory Committee
  • Panel represented at the National AHSN network for Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement Leads
  • Salford Sports Centres
  • Manchester FA
  • Manchester City social media sites MCFC-blue moon, MCFC-COK, BAD (2,000 followers on Twitter)
  • Manchester Academy of Health Care Scientist Education (Lay Representative for Blood Science course)
  • User Representative for Division of Nursing at University of Salford
  • Patient Educator / Medical Education Partner at Manchester Medical School
  • University of Cardiff
  • Manchester Mental Health Trust
  • Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Digital Health Network
  • Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust
  • North West Ambulance Service

Greater Manchester Public and Community Involvement and Engagement Forum

One Manchester Public and Community Forum

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