Dr. Paula Bennett – The GM Care Record: Health and care information that saves lives

Giving health and care workers easy access to patient information ensures the treatment that is needed is given at the right time and in the right way.

This is where The GM Care Record comes in. It joins together our regions’ different NHS and care organisations to help hospitals and other care services access individual health and care records quickly and securely.

In this short film, Dr. Paula Bennett discusses the role of the GM Care Record in helping to provide more informed care – particularly in urgent and emergency care.

In the film, Paula explains “There are lots of situations where we need rapid access to information so we can give immediate treatment. For example, in conditions like stroke or sepsis, some of those lifesaving interventions are time critical so we have to administer treatment within an hour and we have to understand a patient’s past medical history”

Find out more about The GM Care Record for direct care and for research at: https://gmwearebettertogether.com/

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