Jenny Spiers – The GM Care Record: How patient information is kept safe and secure

Giving health and care workers easy access to patient information through the GM Care Record ensures that treatment and care that is needed is given at the right time and in the right way. Ultimately, the more information that a health and care worker knows about the person, the better their care will be.

Central to the development of the GM Care Record has been the important issue of how confidential patient information in the Record is kept safe and secure.

In this short film, Jenny Spiers, GM Head of Information Governance, discusses the measures that have been put in place to protect patient information to ensure only those that need access to the information at the point of care are given access to the information.

In the film, Jenny explains: “In order to ensure we keep patient information safe and secure in the GM Care Record, we’ve introduced a number of elements. One of them is a ‘reason to view screen’, that prompts the clinician when treating the patient, to let them know that the Record exists, where the information has come from and that they can look at the information to provide their care and treatment.”

Find out more about The GM Care Record and your privacy, including your right to object and opt-out of your information being shared, at:

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