Our Partnership Network

Bringing together expertise from across the system

We operate a dynamic network of partners from across the NHS, councils, industry, research and academia to find and deliver innovations into frontline care.

Partnership working is the foundation on which our work is built and collaborative approaches to responding to health and care challenges are at the forefront of the national and global agenda in discovery science, innovation into practice and population health.

Devolution is our catalyst for change – in 2016, Greater Manchester became the first place in the country to take charge of its £6bn healthcare budget and be granted powers to make decisions about how to best to meet the needs of local people. Leaders from the NHS and Councils are united in improving local health and wellbeing.

All of this builds on Greater Manchester’s global reputation as a pioneer and partner of choice.

Our main partner organisations are categorised as:

  • Citizen groups and representatives
  • Commissioners
  • Providers
  • Greater Manchester bodies
  • National bodies
  • Research and academia
  • Industry and business
  • Growth and investment agencies
  • International partners


You can find out more about who our partner organisations are within The Guide or by reviewing the drop down menu within this section.