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Innovation With Impact: Our Strategy for 2024 to 2027

HInM Business Strategy 2024-2027

Health Innovation Manchester’s vision is to be world leading in improving the lives of local people, transforming care, and boosting the economy through innovation.

Introduction to Our 2024-27 Strategy

Greater Manchester (GM) is regarded as an active, diverse, and ambitious health innovation ecosystem with a concentration of health and care, academic, life sciences and digital sectors. It is driven by Health Innovation Manchester and partners, working together to deliver better outcomes and impact for the people of Greater Manchester.

The GM health and care system is facing considerable financial, operational, and clinical pressures, and there is a real danger that inequalities will deepen in some of our most underserved communities. This is a problem in GM and we know that similar challenges exist globally, irrespective of the underlying health and care funding and delivery model. Contributing factors are the scale of poverty, ageing populations, increasing prevalence of diseases caused by lifestyle factors and escalating costs of healthcare provision.

The need to innovate has never been more pressing to address these issues, and we must ensure that groundbreaking research from both the academic and industry sectors plays through to deliver better outcomes at scale.

This Health Innovation Manchester (HInM) strategy sets out our plans for how we will continue to accelerate our impact from innovation over the next three years.

Our four key elements to success:

Health Innovation Manchester is a different type of place-based innovation organisation.

Since formation in 2017, we have evolved our operating model and method for how we deploy innovation to deliver demonstrable impact and benefits to local people, system partners and industry.

The four key elements to success include our approach to integrated governance, blending capabilities, industry partnerships and an unrelenting focus on method.

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Data & graph material, representing innovation.

Integrated Governance

Integrated Capabilities

Digital Brain Health

Industry Partners

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Unrelenting Focus on Method

Our Strategic Objectives:

Through this strategy we will optimise our return on investment for our partners, support system sustainability and economic growth, and importantly deliver better outcomes and experiences for the 2.8m people of Greater Manchester.

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Address high priority drivers of population health by deploying proven innovations at scale, with a major focus on primary and secondary prevention.

Establish GM as a global learning market for accelerated access to novel innovations at scale.

Optimise digital and data products and services to understand the population, define their needs and develop new models and pathways. 

Work with partners to enhance the GM system’s capacity and capability to deliver health innovation and demonstrate impact. 

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