Our Strategy and Plans

We need to do things differently in Greater Manchester

Health Innovation Manchester’s vision is to be a recognised international leader in accelerating innovation to improve the health and wellbeing of our 2.8 million citizens.

We will achieve this ambition through five core business aims:

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1. Ensure a constant innovation pipeline flows into health and social care.


2. Prioritise and monitor innovation activities that meet the needs of GM.


3. Accelerate delivery of innovation into health, care and wellness delivery.


4. Amplify existing academic and industry value propositions.


5. Influence national and international policy.


In order to achieve these aims, we will need to work closely with partners from across Greater Manchester. Our success is intertwined with the success of our partners, so we work as one joined up system. This includes commissioners, providers, Universities, the Biomedical Research Centre, Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC), Clinical Research Network, industry, national government bodies and investment agencies.

Health Innovation Manchester has a central role in coordinating this complex system to achieve these shared aims, which we do through a number of key functions:

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Prioritisation and monitoring of innovation

Matching innovation to population needs through a system-wide Innovation Prioritisation and Monitoring Committee.

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Project and programme management

Our engine room that implements innovations into practice, overseeing progress, engaging with partners and overcoming issues.

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Research expertise and system engagement

Connecting partners to world-leading research expertise through our Research Hub.

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Academic partnerships

Maximising the expertise and know-how of our four Universities to address health and social care needs.

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Clinical engagement

Working with thought leaders, clinical decision makers, innovators at local, national and international levels.

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Clinically-led analytics and pathway redesign

Enhancing clinical and operational services by using high quality analytics through our Utilisation Management Unit.

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Industry engagement

Working across life sciences, biotech, pharma and digital health sectors to develop innovations.

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Digital innovation hub

Using data and information to conduct world-leading trials and maximise digital technologies to revolutionise health and care.

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System engagement and leadership

Being advocates for change, connecting with partners across Greater Manchester, pushing organisational and professional boundaries.

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Strategic communications

Promoting Greater Manchester as the place to conduct world leading research, foster partnerships and deliver innovation into health and social care at pace and scale.

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