Our Strategy

Vision and Purpose

MAHSC will amplify the discovery and development of our best innovations and, through our integration within Health Innovation Manchester, deploy them at pace and scale to improve health outcomes regionally, nationally and internationally, whilst upskilling our workforce and generating economic return.

Goals and Strategy

Our goal is to make new scientific discoveries and shorten the time to turn them into effective treatments that deliver benefits for patients. The Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) will do this by building on the established collaboration between the world-leading research and teaching of Greater Manchester’s universities and our uniquely devolved health and social care partnership between the NHS and local authorities. Everyone is working together on a three-point strategy:

  • Doing excellent research that delivers outcomes for patients

Our understanding of illness is being transformed by new techniques that describe how our bodies work combined with the collection of a greater depth of clinical information about individuals and the population. We will use these new insights to discover how to prevent disease, diagnose it earlier and treat it more safely and effectively using therapies that are personalised for each patient. MAHSC will work with the public to identify and focus on the areas of greatest need and will ensure that the best developments are rapidly adopted.

  • Growing Greater Manchester’s healthcare strengths

MAHSC will improve and expand our existing facilities and create new institutions so that Greater Manchester becomes the best place in the UK to do health research. MAHSC will train and develop our workforce to accelerate the introduction of new treatments and care pathways into hospitals and the community. Industry will be attracted to drive innovation and create new jobs.

  • Utilising clinical and social information

The NHS, social care and other public organisations generate a lot of information on individuals that is not fully used to prevent, detect and treat disease. MAHSC will develop methods that make best use of all this information for prevention and early diagnosis of illness, tailoring treatments to the individual patient, and monitoring their impact on society.

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