MAHSC Womens and Children’s Domain Paediatric Workshop: Feedback and Collaborations

Towards the end of 2021, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC), part of Health Innovation Manchester, Women & Children’s Research Domain brought together professionals from a range of backgrounds including clinical staff, researchers, and other academics to present a showcase of ongoing work in the field of paediatrics across Greater Manchester (GM).

The purpose of the event was firstly to present ongoing areas of work and research, but also crucially to foster collaboration between different teams and organisations to facilitate good practice and increase learning in the region.

The event featured speakers from Health Innovation Manchester, including the MAHSC domain leads, as well as our partner NHS organisations & universities across GM: Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and The University of Salford. Presentations focused on the key research focus of each organisation and were followed by a group discussion session.

Groups came together in a virtual and face-to-face collaborative discussion session to explore research priorities within paediatric research that focuses on neurology, respiratory conditions, neonatal care and anaesthetics, as well as a general discussion group.

A number of key collaborations between organisations have been identified through the event and many attendees have plans underway to acquire new funding to support research development.

The event chair & MAHSC Women & Children’s Domain Lead, Richard Edmondson provided some positive feedback from the event:

“It was great to see such a positive environment, with everyone from across the research spectrum so keen to share ideas and concepts. I am confident that this will be the start of some very productive collaborations which should result in improved healthcare for the children of Greater Manchester and beyond”.

The MAHSC Women & Children’s Domain are now planning the next steps for the domain which will include:

  • A small-grant funding call to encourage researchers to apply for around £10,000 per application to develop new research or ongoing Women & Children’s research in Greater Manchester
  • A second workshop event with a focus on gynaecology to showcase the domain’s other areas of work and encourage further cross-organisational collaboration

You can read more about the Women & Children’s research domain here:

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