Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Impact Report 2020-21

The NHS should represent and reflect the communities it serves. The way that innovations are develop and adopted must also serve all the population, and to ensure that the transformation of health service reduces, and not widens, health inequalities.

In light of the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on different communities, in particular people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, this agenda is more important than ever.

The AHSN Network launched a series of pledges in September 2019 to support diversity and inclusivity in healthcare innovation, with all AHSNs, including HInM, committing to this work. AHSN Diversity Pledges:

  • We commit to implementing a recognised process to self-assess and improve equality performance in each of our organisations
  • We commit to empowering and supporting our staff to be positive role models for equality and diversity
  • We commit to understanding the impact of our work on all members of our communities and for our work to reflect the equality and diversity within these communities

During 2020-21, HInM has continued to support these pledges in a variety of ways. This has included establishing an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group within the organisation to lead this work. All staff within HInM have been encouraged to complete Unconscious Bias training and feedback from this will be gathered during a series of staff workshops in 2021-22 to understand the impact on staff. HInM has also implemented the NHS Fairer Recruitment policy, with a BAME colleague present on all recruitment panels for Band 8a roles and above.

The EDI group have also adopted the NHD EDI calendar and have successfully developed two EDI campaigns for staff and stakeholders to share.

  • A celebration of LGBTQ+ history and heritage across Greater Manchester during LQBTQ+ history month – Read the blog
  • A guest session by Respiratory Clinical Lead Dr Binita Kane who shared her South Asian heritage and how it’s influenced her in her personal career as part of International Women’s Day celebrations. Read the blog

Our EDI work and pledges are also woven into the wider staff culture and values and behaviours at HInM. During the pandemic it has been vitally important to support staff during the challenging time, ensuring that HInM creates a culture where staff feel valued and recognised for their contributions and an environment where staff feel safe, cared for and supported.

This work is a continuing journey and there is more that can be done to ensure HInM embraces diversity and promotes inclusion the workforce and the innovation programmes undertaken.

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