RCPE Evening Medical Update: Professionalism in Medicine: Creating a Healthy Team Culture

Core Technology Facility Building, University of Manchester, Grafton Street, Manchester M13 9NT

Tuesday 6 November, 2018, 6.30pm - 8.15pm

RCPE Evening Medical Update Extra

Professionalism in Medicine: Creating a Healthy Team Culture

This evening update will focus on the hot topics of bullying and bias.

Ever wondered how to be assertive without being a bully? Ever worried your subconscious is leading you to make biased assumptions about your patients? Our talks will provide practical advice to improve your skills.

This free meeting will consist of two talks and a panel discussion. The evening update is also being streamed live across the UK, including Manchester.

This event is organised by the Recently Appointed Consultants’ Committee however all those in the medical profession are welcome to attend.

Chair: Dr Catherine Labinjoh, Co-Chair, Recently Appointed Appointed Consultants’ Committee


6.30pm:  Unconscious bias
Ms Mags Bradbury, Associate Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Central Manchester University Foundation Trust

7.10pm: Undermining and bullying – implications and what to do about it
Miss Alice Hartley, Urology StR and Chair of the RCSEd campaign to tackle undermining and bullying in surgery

7.50pm Discussion

8.15pm:  Close

The RCPE Evening Medical Updates (EMU) programme covers the ‘Top Medical Presentations’ and ‘Emergency Presentations’ as defined in the GIM training curriculum. The 26 topics are covered in a rolling programme, with monthly updates held between September and June of each academic year.

Evening Medical Updates are free of charge.

Evening Medical Updates are streamed live to a number of venues in the UK and overseas.

To attend at any site, please book online.

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