12:00:00 - 13:00:00

L@L -Is there a relationship between student attendance, online engagement, motivation and academic achievement? (Academy for Professional Development)

Simon Building 4.50, Brunswick Street, Manchester M13 9PS

Presented by Carolyn Mackintosh- Franklin.

The impact of student physical classroom attendance and online engagement on their results is an important pedagogic issue impacting on the entire higher education sector. Although it’s initially appealing to expect a clear relationship between attendance, online engagement and achievement, findings from this study are in keeping with other pedagogic evidence which indicates this is a much more complex picture which may also be compounded by individual students personal (Andrietti 2014, Broker et al 2014, Landin and Perez 2015, Mackintosh-Franklin 2017).

These findings have clear implications for how learner analytics can be used to support evidence based pedagogic practice, as well as on current student attendance polices.

The aims of the session are:

  1. To demonstrate how a learner analytics approach can be used to investigate the relationship between student attendance and attainment.
  2. To explore this relationship and its implications for future student attendance policies.
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