Reaching Our Potential

The Greater Manchester Independent Prosperity Review recognises that we are world-class when it comes to health innovation, which is further supported by high productivity in digital, data, artificial intelligence.  It also recommends that for Greater Manchester to be a globally competitive city region, we need wide digital connectivity and next generation mobile technologies.  These factors are key stands of the emerging Greater Manchester Local Industrial Strategy, which is our plan for good jobs and growth.

However, poor physical and mental health in some of our communities is preventing people from being able to work or to progress within work.  This not only affects their personal health and wellbeing; it impacts on the wellbeing of their family and reduces the overall prosperity of the city-region.

Our devolved health and social care system provides a unique opportunity to enhance productivity at the same time as improving service delivery.   This is a key stand of the new Health and Care Prospectus to take full advantage of what Greater Manchester has to offer.

Health Innovation Manchester is also focused on strengthening our offer by better coordinating our health research, innovation and life sciences activity to focus on the needs of the population, discover new treatments and cures and fast-track new digital technologies that will transform services and support people to live well.

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