Developing Our People

Greater Manchester is known for being pioneering and a place of ideas and invention, with a modern and productive economy that draws in investment, visitors and talent. A place where all voices are heard and where, working together, we can shape our future.  This is how we do things differently.

To truly cultivate new technology we need to invest in our people.  Over the next 20 years, the vast majority of jobs in the NHS and public services will require some element of digital skills.  We need to develop a digitally savvy workforce across our public services so they can embrace new technologies and be fully competent, confident and capable in its use in the workplace.

To engage and support staff in a rapidly changing and highly technological workplace, public service organisations will need to develop a learning environment in which the workforce is given ample opportunity to learn and develop. We will identify and adopt key enablers of change and create a culture of innovation, prioritising people, developing an agile and empowered workforce, as well as digitally capable leadership, supported by effective governance processes to facilitate the introduction of the new technologies and secure long-term investment.

This will help us to create a dynamic environment where we harness people’s creativity to find new solutions, test and refine new digital products and services to either fail fast or demonstrate value and then scale up proven solutions at pace across all 10 of our localities.

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