Guy Lucchi – The GM Care Record: The development and deployment of the record across Greater Manchester

In this short film, Guy Lucchi, Digital Innovation Director at Health Innovation Manchester, describes the digital transformation measures that have enabled the acceleration and deployment of the GM Care Record in Greater Manchester.

Guy also reveals some of the programmes of work that are underway that build on the rollout of the GM Care Record to digitally transform care pathways such as in heart failure and the creation of a patient-held app.

Guy explains: “The GM Care Record is really important for patients, for clinicians and for the system. 

From a patient perspective, it really means that irrespective of where you receive your care, you will only need to tell your story once as the clinician has access to all your clinical  information at their finger tips.

From a clinician’s point of view, it means they have access to all information about a patient. It enables them to make the most informed clinical decisions in the most timely manner possible.

From a system perspective, it enable us to have a rich set of data about our entire population. This enables us to target resources and services in the most appropriate way”.


Find out more about how the GM Care Record is being used to digitally transform care for patients in Greater Manchester:

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