Richard Deed: Fostering industry partners

Richard Deed, Associate Commercial Director at Health Innovation Manchester, presenting the Product of the Year Award.

Health Innovation Manchester has a proven track record in fostering industry partnerships to deliver population health improvements, with support provided to both start-ups and global players across the health and care sector.

Through a large portfolio of work including innovation support programmes and collaborative working groups, the support provided to companies is helping to address Greater Manchester’s major health challenges, with a strong affiliation to commissioning and service transformation, ensuring maximum benefits are delivered.

In this blog, Richard Deed, Associate Commercial Director at Health Innovation Manchester, highlights some of the programmes that are currently in place across the city-region, and celebrates several success stories to come from this work.

The urgent need for innovations to support healthcare is well recognised, and it is generally acknowledged that bringing innovations to market within the health and care setting is difficult and often relates to the complexity of the regulatory pathways, the challenges around evidencing cost and clinical benefit, and the fragmented nature of the NHS market.

Health Innovation Manchester through collaboration with multiple partners has supported innovators and companies to overcome some of these complexities, and we have enabled the development and deployment of new technologies and services into the NHS.

Through our commissions from the Office of Life sciences, together with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), HInM has operated successful support programmes like STEP INto Healthcare or the Research and Innovation Health Accelerator to assist SMEs. As part of these programmes, we have supported over 300 companies, helping them to understand the NHS landscape and develop their value propositions, with many going onto collaborate and sell into the NHS.

Health Innovation Manchester has also worked together with its fellow Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) across the North of England to deliver the Digital North Programme, whereby through a themed annual basis, cohorts of selected companies with evidenced digital products are supported to gain additional traction with NHS organisations – the focus for this year’s programme is carbon reduction.

Another part of our portfolio at Health Innovation Manchester is working with large corporates, either directly or through some of its NHS England commissioned programmes, to introduce new medicines. Two examples of this work with corporates can be found on our website, focussing on our work with national partners on the roll-out of Inclisiran, an innovative treatment for cardiovascular disease. Also, our work with the SmartHearts devices, using data to improve care for people with heart failure.

Our work on such projects, and with large corporate organisations sees Health Innovation Manchester collaborate with international partners and has allowed our portfolio to expand to several new programmes. These bring in new innovations to address our healthcare needs, and see existing partners stay connected to our work, with them exporting a number of the innovations developed here.

One of these schemes that launched in January 2023, with the assistance of Innovate UK will identify and support innovators working in AgeTech with the best health and care interventions, and will provide them with tools and resources to translate their products into the UK and Canadian markets. You can read more about this new programme of work here.

Overall, as we move forward into 2023, Health Innovation Manchester will increase its efforts to collaborate with large corporates, SMEs, Universities, fellow AHSNs and healthcare organisations to continue to address current health care needs with innovative solutions.

It’s an exciting time for our system, with innovation across Greater Manchester continuing at pace and at scale. I am confident that we as an organisation, with the help of our partners in health and care, can continue to fast-track more innovative solutions into our NHS.

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