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Health Innovation Accelerator

Rapidly improving the diagnosis and treatment of disease across the Greater Manchester population

The Health Innovation Accelerator has been established to rapidly improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease across the 2.8m Greater Manchester population.

The Accelerator encompasses two projects, the Advanced Diagnostics Accelerator and the DEVOTE programme, delivered through a partnership between Health Innovation Manchester, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), The University of Manchester, and industry partners.

Funding has been awarded by Innovate UK, and allocated to innovative projects in sectors where Greater Manchester has existing research strengths, including advanced materials, artificial intelligence (AI), diagnostics and health innovation, and net zero. Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, is the UK’s innovation agency working to create a better future by inspiring, involving and investing in businesses developing life-changing innovations.

Advanced Diagnostics Accelerator (ADA):

The ADA is series of projects looking at Greater Manchester’s major morbidities (liver, heart and lung disease including lung cancer) in which academic and industry excellence from advanced diagnostics, digital and data will be brought together to improve health outcomes for patients. This project includes – please click each image below to read more about each individual programme:

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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Discovery

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Early Detection of Liver Disease

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Early Detection of Heart Failure

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Remote Spirometry

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Community Diagnostics - Lipids Optimisation

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Lung cancer screening

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Chest Pain Point-of-Care Testing

This project is part-funded by the Greater Manchester Innovation Accelerator programme. Led by Innovate UK on behalf of UK Research and Innovation, the pilot Innovation Accelerators programme is investing £100m in 26 transformative R&D projects to accelerate the growth of three high-potential innovation clusters – Glasgow City Region, Greater Manchester and West Midlands. Supporting the Government’s levelling-up agenda, this is a new model of R&D decision making that empowers local leaders to harness innovation in support of regional economic growth and help attract private R&D investment and develop future technologies.

Diagnostic Delivery Partners (please click each tab to read more):

Launched in December 2020, Mind Field are an advertising agency specialising in market research, creative, digital, media planning & buying; solving problems through informed intelligence and execution.

Mind Field will be using their communication, research and advertising expertise to assist key projects with public and patient co-production, identifying and engaging underserved communities and highlighting inequalities, understanding behavioural change and ensuring true engagement with innovative diagnostic development.

Visit their website here.

By Gamers, For Gamers are a team of experienced and passionate individuals dedicated to bringing audiences the best in PC tech, gaming and Esports through media publishing, empowering readers with the information to make informed decisions.

By Gamers, For Gamers will be working closely with healthcare staff, patients and the public to bring innovative and novel methods of engagement into healthcare. Using key lessons learnt from the field of gaming, they will explore how to apply key strategies from the gaming arena into health diagnostics to broaden the reach of communication, particularly with under-engaged communities within the region.

Visit their website here.

Sollis are population health management specialists, combining expertise and advanced health analytics to reveal insights from complex data, enabling better decisions to be made for patients and populations.

Sollis will be utilising their expertise to contribute to a common data platform across selected GM Innovation Accelerator key projects, using data already established and gained from the key projects to assist population health decisions concerning diagnostics.

Visit their website here.

Graphnet’s market leading shared care record software, CareCentric, is enabling local authorities, care services, Trusts, and other organisations within Integrated Care Systems (ICS) to share and compare records. Coupled with powerful population health tools, ICSs are able to use this data, gathered from across health and care settings, to see exactly where the gaps are in their regions, along with empowering patients by allowing them to view their own records.

Graphnet’s expertise within the GM Care Record will be instrumental in further developing how we collect and record diagnostic information through innovative new products and pathways, contributing to the advancement of a SEC data platform that can highlight the data from each key project and how it is implemented into real world services.

Visit their website here. is a no-code multimodal AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform to rapidly prototype AI models, including imaging, video, text, audio and structured data. The Jiva platform connects multiple data concepts and hierarchies together to create meaningful insights through AI systems that tell you why they behave a certain way as well as what the predictions are.

Jiva AI will be contributing to a common data platform across selected GM Innovation Accelerator key projects, using data already established and understanding where additional forms of media can be incorporated into records to further understand patient health and outcome predictions.

Visit their website here.

BCN is a Digital Transformation Specialist, creating, developing and transforming organisational technology to enhance success, through one provider. This includes cyber security, business applications and development, managed services and data and analytics.

BCN will be supporting the creation of additional capacity within the common data platform across key GM Innovation Accelerator projects; supporting key partners and healthcare providers as digital transformation continues to advance and change healthcare diagnostics.

Visit their website here.

Gendius are a health data and insights business that develops AI-powered certified medical devices to stratify patients by risk of complications. Their solutions identify which patients are likely to benefit from clinical actions, enabling smarter strategies that improve patient outcomes. Gendius help to get rid of the guesswork, empowering clinicians and patients with data insights.

Gendius have developed the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Screening Prioritizer which stratifies patients according to their risk of undiagnosed CKD. Within the Accelerator, this unique solution will be utilised to identify high-risk patients and accelerate their diagnosis pathway.

Visit their website here.

DEVOTE programme:

The Development and Validation of Technology for Time Critical Genomic Testing (DEVOTE) Programme will bring together academic, industry and clinical partners from across the region to deliver enhanced genomic diagnostics to optimise precision medicines for patients. The projects to be delivered are:

  • Rapid Diagnostic Testing in Stroke: the project will develop a rapid, cost effective, point-of-care test to test for CYP2C19 genotype by the bedside to guide stroke therapy.
  • Rapid Genetic Point of Care Devices: the project will use advanced materials to develop novel, ultra-rapid genetic point of care devices.
  • Pharmacogenetic Passport: the project will develop an end-to-end solution for pharmacogenetic testing and reporting for a range of genetic variants to roll out across the NHS.

Each project will be underpinned by a shared ethos to reduce inequalities, forge new relationships with communities, and drive productivity through innovative collaborations with business and industry, as well building on assets already in existence within the Greater Manchester system.

Genomics Key Partners (please click each image to read more):

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APIS Assays Technology Ltd

Research Test Tubes






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