MAHSC Seminar Series: Rick Body & Tim Felton – COVID-19 – Current & future diagnostic and therapeutic approaches

As part of Health Innovation Manchester, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) brings together our world leading academic and NHS partners to drive health research.

The MAHSC Seminar Series will showcase the great discovery and clinical science being undertaken within Manchester and its impact on the health of the local population.

The series will give a local platform to the nationally and internationally renowned scientists of MAHSC to share their work with clinical/non-clinical and university colleagues, but also crucially members of the wider community seeking insight into innovations in the delivery of healthcare.

In the second seminar, held on 01 July 2020, Professor Rick Body, Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Manchester, Dr Tim Felton, Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester, shared their insights to the current and future approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

The seminar discussed the steps that were made from February 2020 to current times during the pandemic. Strategies were changed throughout, improving each time to make it safer for the public and staff, developing the four-pillar strategy. The Professor Body discussed the diagnostics and tests that were developed for COVID-19 along with CONDOR (COVID-19 National DiagnOstic Research and Evaluation Platform) programme collaborating with NIHR Meditech.

Over 15 therapeutic treatments are currently in clinical trials in Greater Manchester already which is a huge achievement. Dr Felton explained a few of the antiviral therapeutic treatments in more detail. Along with some immune modulation therapies which were some of the early therapies in clinical trials. The seminar showed which therapeutic approaches are no longer being used as an option for hospitalized patients and which ones are are still ongoing.

Professor Rick Body said: “I hope what we have created with the CONDOR programme is an infrastructure and a system that will ensure that the testing strategy we develop, can be informed by the best and most rigorous science”

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