The GM Care Record: Person Held Record (PHR) App

Resources for Clinicians

Health Innovation Manchester, working with health and care organisation across Greater Manchester, are developing a Person Held Record (PHR) app to enable patients to be able to access their information on the GM Care Record.

Please see resources below to support the rollout of the PHR app.

For more information, please contact:

Demonstration of My GM Care - Person Held Record (PHR) app for Patients

Shortcuts below to relevant sections:

00:00:41 Landing Page

00:00:55 Self-Recorded Measurements

00:02:11 Remember to Ask – preparing for appointments

00:03:06 All About Me – sharing crucial personal details

00:04:49 My Goals – setting personal health goals

00:06:05 Medication – view medications & vaccinations

00:06:36 Appointments & Letters

00:07:10 My Health – medical issues & history

00:08:28 Security – protecting information

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