From weeks to hours – how the GM Care Record is accelerating optometry research at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

Glory Pereira is a Senior Clinical Research Nurse at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, the second largest Eye Hospital in the UK with strong ties to the University of Manchester. The team of research coordinators and administrators work with consultants, doctors, optometrists and ophthalmic scientists to deliver a range of laboratory studies, development of new technology, diagnostics and treatments for ocular disease. 

Prior to using the GM Care Record, the research team at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital would spend up to 8 hours gathering background information on each patient, contacting up to 10 different services, waiting and chasing for responses to ensure they have all the information they need to conduct robust research.

Now, everything we need is a click away

Glory says, “Our processes used to be painfully slow. We would receive paper files that needed to be sifted through line by line and input on our database. Sometimes a page would be missing so you couldn’t see the full picture of care. Now, everything we need is a click away – demographics, prescriptions, medical and care history. We even have details on how patients cope with treatment which hugely improves the patient experience. The data in the GM Care Record is up to date and much more accurate than patient recall which we have had to rely on in the past.

“It’s accelerated how we process patient information, which is great for us and even better for our patients as they receive a more efficient service. The backlog is reducing day by day. Sometimes we’d wait two weeks to receive patient information and now we can process patients same day. Our admin has substantially reduced which means we have more time to schedule appointments, update patients and improve patient care.

“The quality and precision of our research is improved, especially for more complex cases where we need background information from a range of health and social services across Greater Manchester. It’s helping us curate better individual treatments at a much faster pace which helps our patients get back on track quicker which benefits their mental as well as physical health.

It couldn’t be easier to access

“The GM Record has completely changed the way we work. I think about overstretched clinical and non-clinical staff across Greater Manchester spending hours requesting medical histories from overstretched GP practice staff and think “if only they knew!”. The GM Care Record is easy to access via Electronic Patient Record systems so there’s no need to log into another system, and our workload is much more streamlined. I’d recommend the GM Care Record to anyone who wants to swap hours of phone calls and emails with quick access to comprehensive health and social care information.”

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