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The Manchester Molecular Pathology Innovation Centre (MMPathIC) launched in October 2015 after The University of Manchester received £2.9 million from the Medical Research Council (with co-funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Council) to develop new tests based on molecular pathology techniques.

We provide an environment to facilitate the translation of stratified medicine and biomarker research into usable tests that can be implemented within the NHS.

Delivering novel diagnostics and molecular pathology tests to the clinic or market involves a series of steps, forming the development pathway, to establish the analytical accuracy, clinical and cost effectiveness, and clinical utility of a novel marker. MMPathIC works with researchers and companies who are at different steps of this pathway. To ensure the greatest likelihood of achieving MMPathIC’s vision of delivering new tests to the clinic, all potential projects are evaluated for their likely value proposition.

The value proposition asks whether the new technology does the same thing at a lower cost, or if it is better for the same price. Within the MMPathIC pipeline approach, this is evaluated at the first stages as, without fulfilling this, a new product is unlikely to be adopted by the NHS.

Please visit our website ( for further information or visit our stand to discuss your project ideas with a member of the MMPathIC team.

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