Greater Manchester logo is a health-tech company with a mission to improve healthcare outcomes by turning the smartphone into a regulatory approved clinical device. Its first product line,, allows patients to do regular urine tests at home using their smartphone cameras and a digital testing kit and measures 10 parameters, indicating a range of infections, chronic illnesses and pregnancy-related complications.

It is currently being used as part of a project at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, where patients who are particularly prone to developing UTI’s are given kits to take at home when they develop symptoms. The technology aims to speed up diagnosis and treatment and prevented hospital admission in some cases. The product is extremely user-friendly, giving patients the confidence to self-manage their condition. Initial feedback from patients has been extremely positive with a score of 88 being reported by the Net Promoter tool analysing client experience and loyalty – in an environment where over 70 is considered world-class.

Matt Sweeney, Customer Success Director at, said: “Our product empowers patients to self-care, fitting into the NHS strategy. By enabling patients to take urine tests at home our products can help to avoid unnecessary clinical appointments, reduce unplanned admissions to A&E and improve patient experience”. is one of four innovative companies selected to help improve care in the NHS as part of the Greater Manchester Digital Health Accelerator.

The Greater Manchester Digital Accelerator is supporting to grow, prove the benefits of the product and get further exposure and introductions within the NHS. is particularly interested in engaging with programmes of work in Maternity, Pre-operative assessment, recurrent UTI patients, prevention/screening for Chronic Kidney Disease.

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