NHSX Innovation Collaborative

Accelerating the deployment of innovative technologies to enable care at home

Through the Innovation Collaborative, we will accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies to enable care to be delivered to people at home.

Across the country health and care teams have set up new ways to support people at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, many using digital tools to excellent effect, at an impressive pace.  NHSX is supporting this work through the allocation of additional funding to support regional teams to undertake scaling at pace between September 2020 and March 2021.

These digital tools are an important step in making sure we deliver modern, responsive health and care services. They will empower people to monitor their own health and wellbeing; manage long term conditions; and receive care in their own homes when it is sensible and safe to do so.

NHSX has also partnered with the national Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) to establish a national Innovation Collaborative, creating a connected network to rapidly share learning and best practice in digital transformation across the NHS and care sector.

Innovation collaboratives can be described as processes where multiple people and organisations contribute towards developing new products, services, policies, processes or business solutions.  Working closely with the regional teams, the collaborative will provide support to frontline teams to identify, implement and evaluate the rapid scale of innovation using quality improvement science and other methodologies.

This will include consideration of the people, process and cultural factors that are needed to support digital transformation, as well as the technology itself.  Teams will be provided with practical skills and support to develop in these areas which are vital in enabling the successful deployment of new technologies.  The insights and blueprints can then be shared and deployed across the country to benefit more patients and services.

The Innovation Collaboratives will empower people to be more involved in the management of their health condition, whilst enabling health and care staff to develop a better understanding of their patient’s health over a period of time, providing timely and swift interventions.  It will ensure citizens continue to receive the most appropriate care, at the right time within the right setting; whilst helping the NHS to better manage its resources.

Aims of the national Innovation Collaborative

  • Identify and disseminate information and knowledge to support the rapid scale of digital innovation to improve health and social care outcomes whilst improving efficiency and productivity for staff.
  • Build capability across the regional teams through the application of improvement methodologies for digital transformation, with a specific focus on measurement for improvement and benefits realisation.
  • Provide national support across core themes as well as bespoke additional support for local efforts.
  • Deliver an inspirational communications and marketing campaign to motivate front line staff and regional teams to participate in the Innovation Collaborative, drive engagement across boundaries and optimise investment opportunities.

The national Innovation Collaborative programme

NHSX has formed a partnership with the AHSN Network to deliver the Innovation Collaborative until March 2020, which will comprise four key programmes of work:

  • Communities of Practice 

Establishing a Communities of Practice to encourage and enable staff involved in the deployment of new technologies to share knowledge, information and their experience across the key themes of care homes; digital inclusion and exclusion and improvement for digital transformation. This exchange of learning from each other’s challenges and successes will create an inclusive collaborative network and help increase capacity and capabilities for digital transformation.

  • Health economics and business intelligence

Demonstrating the benefits and impact of the innovations is a major focus on the Innovation Collaborative.  Regional teams will be provided with access to expert advice, training and support on health economics and cost-benefit analysis methodology, which they can apply to their own projects in practice.   The offer will include Individual guidance for each regional project on measuring benefits and calculating return on investment based on local need.

  • Communications and Marketing

We will bring the work of the Innovation Collaborative to life by using compelling stories, case studies and content that demonstrate the positive benefits and impact the innovations have on patients, clinicians and services. In keeping with the ethos of the Innovation Collaborative, we will use creative approaches to engage, inspire and build knowledge.

  • Events and networking

As part of the Innovation Collaborative, health and care staff will benefit from attending a series of national events to share insights, progress and challenges.  This will be supported by a suite of thought leadership sessions on topics determined by Innovation Collaborative members that would provide them with practical skills, knowledge and expertise needed to support digital transformation.

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Digital transformation of the GM heart failure care pathway

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COVID-19 tracker & outbreak management tool

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