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Transfers of Care Around Medicines (TCAM)

Community pharmacist support for patients leaving hospital

Transfers of Care Around Medicine (TCAM) provides extra support to patients to ensure they correctly take their prescribed medicines. This may be because their medicines have changed or they need a bit of help taking their medicines safely and effectively.

The transfer of care process is associated with an increased risk of adverse effects. 30-70% of patients experience unintentional changes to their treatment or an error is made because of a miscommunication.

This is what the Transfers of Care Around Medicine (TCAM) project aims to address.

When patients discharged from hospital are identified as needing extra support, they are referred through a safe and secure digital platform for advice from their local community pharmacist.

Original work in the North East showed that patients who see their community pharmacist after they’ve been in hospital are less likely to be readmitted and, if they are, will experience a shorter stay.

Through our national implementation of TCAM in 2018-2020, each AHSN will support their local trusts to establish a TCAM pathway. This will enable all suitable patients to be referred to their community pharmacy or GP pharmacist where appropriate.

In Greater Manchester, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is the first hospital and locality to be implementing a TCAM software platform (based on the PharmOutcomes system). Several more hospital Trusts will follow. The main objective is to implement TCAM across all Greater Manchester Trust sites.

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