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Detecting Early Signs of Frailty and Preventing Deterioration

The clinical frailty project is focused on supporting improved sharing of information between health and care professionals to enhance care and support for people who are clinically frail.

Around 12 million over 65s in the UK are living with frailty. Every year more than one in three people over 65 suffer a fall, which can cause serious injury or worse. Currently there are 235,000 people in the UK diagnosed with moderate to severe frailty. 5% of people aged 60-69 are moderate to severely frail. A third of people under 85 years old are moderate to severely frail but 20% of people aged over 90 are fit.

We are developing a suite of technologies that will join up clinical systems and patient information so that frailty can be properly detected and monitored in line with national standards, patient records are consistent and instantly updated, we can develop advanced care plans, reduce the risk of falls, prevent hospital admissions and improve their overall quality of life.

Patients and carers can view and contribute to their own shared care record. This may include: Living Will, Power of Attorney, Goals of treatment.

The project will first be delivered in Tameside, Stockport and Salford.

It being led by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.  Funding has been provided by NHS England as part of the national Local Health and Care Record programme.


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