Health Innovation Manchester stakeholder research survey findings

A report about Health Innovation Manchester has been released following a survey of stakeholders.

The research was commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement, and the Office for Life Sciences (OLS) to explore and evaluate the views of stakeholders of all Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), including Health Innovation Manchester.

Savanta ComRes conducted this independent evaluation. With input from AHSNs and commissioners, they developed and ran an online survey and telephone interviews. Those taking part were stakeholders in health and social care, private and voluntary sectors, national and local governance bodies, research and academia, patient groups and the general public.

Topics covered included familiarity with and perceptions of AHSNs, evaluations of AHSNs’ communications, services, support, work programmes and cross-regional working, and perceived opportunities and challenges for AHSNs in the future.

Key findings about Health Innovation Manchester include:

  • A key positive for Health Innovation Manchester is that stakeholders have noticed significant improvements in recent years. Some specify that they have noticed a transformation in HInM’s leadership and support provided, enabling them to deliver excellent pieces of work.
  • To maintain this momentum, stakeholders want to see Health Innovation Manchester having a significant impact on the key issues in the health sector moving forward. In addition, some suggested visibility could grow beyond their core group of stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders also express the importance of ensuring the best use of the devolved health and social care budget to focus on the priority areas for the region.

National report

A national report for all 15 AHSNs was also prepared. Key findings included:

  • There are high levels of satisfaction across all stakeholder groups related to strengthening partnerships across sector boundaries and facilitating the spread and adoption of innovation
  • AHSNs are effectively employing tailored models of communications and engagement with stakeholders
  • Staff within all AHSNs are seen by stakeholders as a significant asset, and are routinely described as approachable, helpful and responsive
  • AHSNs are collaborating with a growing network of individuals and organisations across the health and care sector

Points AHSNs may wish to consider:

  • There is currently a high degree of variability in how stakeholders describe their initial involvement with AHSNs
  • Stakeholders would like to learn about the National AHSN Network and the innovations within other AHSN areas that could support their objectives
  • Whilst appearing strong in engaging industry and research stakeholders, AHSNs are less visible with local government, patients and VCS organisations
  • Increasing visibility of innovation and best practice across AHSNs will help to demonstrate impact.
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