11:00:00 - 12:00:00

Webinar: Looking ahead for the Suspicion of Sepsis Dashboard


This webinar aims to discuss the use of the SOS dashboards as a tool for quality improvement.

From a clinical and data analyst/managers’ perspective it will discuss the steps necessary to integrate the SOS insights dashboard into an overall sepsis quality improvement initiative.

It will conclude by discussing exciting opportunities for collaborating with Imperial College Health Partners, the development team and the Patient Safety Collaborative.

Please attend this webinar using a desktop or tablet to be able to view the Dashboard and interpret the data in full.

Webinar Panel includes:

  • Kenny Ajayi, Programme Director, Patient Safety, Imperial College Health Partners
  • Julia Wilkins, Head of Data and Analytics, Imperial College Health Partners
  • Dr Matt Inada-Kim, Acute Medicine Consultant, Royal Hampshire County Hospital
  • Kate Cheema, Interim Associate Director Transformation Analytics and Health Economics, NHS South, Central and West CSU

The Suspicion of Sepsis (SOS) Insights Dashboard tool for the first time ever enables organisations to see an overall picture of hospital admissions coded in the SOS category and to base improvement initiatives on reliable, stable and consistent data. The Dashboard provides intelligence as to whether interventions and innovations in sepsis/infection care are improving outcomes for patients. It also helps to better plan and prepare local services potentially saving lives across the country.

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