1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Translation Manchester Research Network Seminar Series


Funded by Wellcome, Translation Manchester was established in May 2018 to help overcome the obstacles to conducting translational research at the University of Manchester. The aim of Translation Manchester is to support translation research thereby making the pathway from discovery research to real world implementation quicker and easier.

Translational research relies on collaborations and multidisciplinary working, but in organisations as large as the University of Manchester, finding the support you need at the right time can sometimes be tricky. The Translation Manchester Research Network (TMRN) brings together groups and organisation which support health related translational research projects at all stages- whether they be in the early discovery stages or advancing towards adoption and spread. The TMRN is a one-stop-shop for all of your translational research support needs.

The Translation Manchester Seminar Series will provide an opportunity for researchers to find out more about each of the TMRN partners and how they can help support and progress translational research projects. The Translation Manchester Seminar Series will bring together TMRN partners and translational researchers enabling new connection and collaboration to develop.

The first event of these monthly seminars will be held virtually on the February 24th 13:00-13:45. Speakers will be Penny Cristinacce representing the National Cancer Imaging Translational Accelerator (NCITA), and Scott Harrison from Affinity Biomarker Labs.


  • 13:00 – 13:05: Introduction to Translation Manchester and the Seminar Series with Alessandro Faroni and Becky Bibby
  • 13:05 – 13.25: NCITA with Penny Cristinacce
  • 13.25 – 13.45: AFFINITY Biomarker Labs with Scott Harrison
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