10:00:00 - 11:00:00

MRC MCMB board: Strategic focus and funding opps for cancer research

MCRC, Oglesby Building Wilmslow Road Manchester M20 4GJ

MRC’s programme manager for cancer Dr Mariana Delfino-Machin will be giving a presentation at MCRC on the strategic focus and funding opportunities of the Molecular and Cellular Medicine Board (MCMB).

The event, at 10am on 3rd July in the Oglesby Lecture Theatre, is targeted at those who wish to submit a grant proposal to the board or who are interested to learn more about this funder and board.

Mariana’s area of the MCMB covers the following topics:

  • Cancer biology (including but not limited to dysregulation of molecular mechanisms and carcinogenesis, tumour metabolism, tumour heterogeneity, microenvironment interactions, metastasis).
  • Radiobiology biology and oncology.
  • Genome damage stability (in relation to the pre-disposition and development of cancer).
  • Exploratory clinical cancer research (including patient stratification, early diagnosis, investigation of novel therapeutic targets, pre-clinical development, and first-in-human studies).
  • Cancer epidemiology.


Read more about the MRC Molecular and Cellular Medicine Board (MCMB):


This event is primarily focused on cancer research.

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