1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

GM Stakeholder event: myHappymind


GM stakeholders, with an interest in Children’s Mental Health, are invited to attend an online event. The event will present insights and findings from the Year 1 rollout of the myHappymind service in Oldham and Tameside.

The organisers will look to facilitate a conversation on the potential opportunities to coordinate a GM-wide approach to the adoption of the myHappymind solution and how we can work together to achieve spread and adoption

Overview of myHappymind
myHappymind is an award-winning, innovative programme backed by the NHS and Founded by Laura Earnshaw (Trustee of the Mental Health Foundation and NHS NIA Fellow). The myHappymind programme teaches preventative mental health strategies to children, teachers and parents. Using science-backed strategies, myHappymind supports the prevention of mental health issues and deals with low-level mental health challenges or ‘early help’. All of this supports a reduction in CAMHS referrals and reduces pressure on the NHS. It also supports all children to thrive so that they reach their full potential and have good well-being. myHappymind are proud to be commissioned by the NHS and Local Authorities in 19 Places nationally including Bury, Oldham and Tameside.

Health Innovation Manchester have match funded a 2 year evaluation of the MyHappyMind (MHM) services in Tameside and Oldham primary schools.


To find out more please click the link: https://myhappymind.lpages.co/myhappymind-impact-library/

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