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DTX Manchester: Virtual Mission


Wednesday 04-Thursday 05 November 16:00-18:00

DTX Manchester: Virtual Mission

Register for DTX Manchester: Virtual Mission to explore Manchester’s thriving digital industry and what makes the city a world leading business location.

Home to a £5bn digital ecosystem and a brand-new AI Foundry, Manchester is officially the UK’s Top Digital Tech City (The Data City, 2020) and boasts the fastest growing cyber ecosystem in the UK (GMCA, 2020).

MIDAS, Manchester’s investment promotion agency, has helped hundreds of digital and technology firms successfully establish operations in the city.

Now, MIDAS is collaborating with DTX Manchester and the Department for International Trade to give you the exclusive opportunity to explore what makes Manchester a leading hub for tech and digital transformation.



16:00-16:45 Manchester – UK’s Top Digital Tech City

An introduction to the virtual mission, the Manchester tech landscape and what makes it the ideal business location. You’ll learn about the city region’s digital ambitions, the specialist talent available here and the array of tech hubs available to base your company – as well as the free, confidential and bespoke support MIDAS provides to save companies time, money and effort. You’ll also have the chance to hear from a recent investor who will share their journey and experience of establishing operations in Manchester.

17:00-17:45 Help to scale your digital business in Manchester

Learn about the extensive support available to scale your digital tech business in Manchester. You’ll learn about all aspects of the ecosystem, from the specific scale up support available to SMEs to wider accelerator programmes and the funding landscape in the UK and Manchester.


16:00-16:45 Manchester’s growing cyber and AI scene 

This session will provide an overview of the city’s cyber and AI strengths – key enablers of digital transformation for any business. Covering everything from the ecosystem and university expertise to the programmes and initiatives to develop cyber and AI capabilities across the city region, you’ll find out what makes Manchester the perfect location for cyber and AI firms and operations.

17:00-17:45 Digital transformation commercial opportunities in Manchester

Chaired by the Department for International Trade, this session will explore four of Manchester’s key industries that are open to digital transformation, providing a wealth of commercial opportunities – eCommerce, Industry 4.0, FinTech and Health Innovation. Our industry experts will provide an overview of the market, the key players and how to engage successfully.

Moderator: Nigel Jones – Digital and Tech Sector Specialist, Department for International Trade

Julian Wells – Director – FinTech North

Alain Dilworth – Programme Manager, Made Smarter UK

Laura Rooney – Director of Corporate Affairs & Strategy, Health Innovation Manchester

Hannah Tracey – Head of Business Development, MIDAS

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