9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Digital Healthcare Show 2024

The event will host honest and pragmatic discussions about the challenges, the failures, and the war stories of driving the Digital, Data, and Technology agendas within the sector  interrogating the core pillars to achieving successful transformation rather than simply making empty blue-sky thinking promises. It’s time to cut through the noise and empty promises to truly interrogate the practical steps to success, the real-world applications of tech, and tangible value of investments. A few key areas of focus include New Innovations, AI, Data & Analytics, Change Management & Culture Transformation,  T.E.C., System Efficiency & Transformation, Patient Engagement, Integration & Interoperability, Digital Health Equality and more.


The summit is attended by 2000+ senior leaders driving the Digital, Tech, Data, Innovation, and Transformation agendas in public & private healthcare. Our audience is made up of CIO’s, CTO’s, CNIO’s, IT Managers, IT technicians and digital transformation leads as well as senior leaders working in partnerships, procurement, delivery, and operations.


Daniel Zamora will be speaking on the 24th April 2024, 3pm about The Innovation Accelerator Programme: How 3 regions are leading the way in digital health

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