10:00:00 - 16:00:00

Connected Health Cities: Information Governance Workshop

Vaughan House, The University of Manchester, Portsmouth Street, Manchester, M13 9GB


In this one day workshop, we will introduce you to how information governance relates to each part of the process of using health data for research or to improve a care pathway. This will cover the process from the early stages of understanding the data landscape, designing a study, getting people involved and gaining access to the data.

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify and map the key processes involved
  2. Plan your information governance strategy from the beginning of the project
  3. Build a network of people who will be involved in data access
  4. Generate a realistic timeline
  5. Evaluate barriers and facilitators from within real-life examples


Information Governance is often cited as a reason for delays in health improvement projects. It is also an area of debate and confusion. Connected Health Cities projects have encountered diverse issues with regards to governance. Various innovative solutions have been developed in order to deliver projects and bring patient benefits. As Connected Health Cities draws to a close, we wish to share our experience and learning with the wider community so that other health projects can benefit.

This event is designed for those who involved in managing projects, data and/or technology from within the healthcare sector. It is open to all who wish to develop or enhance their understanding of information governance and provides practical tools to realise project objectives. You may be working in healthcare, social care, a third sector organisation or you may be a researcher whose work relies upon data protection and other regulatory considerations. No experience of information governance is needed.

Contact Rachel.thompson@manchester.ac.uk for more information.

The workshop is open to:

NHS and social care staff, Technology companies, Third sector staff, Connected Health Cities staff and other researchers.

Connected Health Cities is a Department of Health funded programme that operates across the North of England in four city-regions (North East and North Cumbria, Greater Manchester, the North West Coast and Yorkshire.)

The programme has three main aims:

  1. To create learning health systems by combining data, technology and skills. CHC is reducing the time it takes for new innovations to be implemented into clinical practice in 16 therapeutic areas and helping create health services that are more responsive, tailored and fit for the local populations that use them.
  2. To create civic partnerships but working with citizens and understanding their concerns around the use of data by universities.
  3. To work with the North’s digital health sector and help bring new innovations and products to market.
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