9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Agenda for action: Addressing health inequalities through applied research

Gorton Monstery, 89 Gorton Lane, Manchester, M12 5WF

This event will be open to VCSE sector only

Tackling health inequalities is a key priority for Greater Manchester (GM) and recent experiences during Covid-19 have further highlighted this need. This one day event will bring together multiple stakeholders to discuss and define an agenda for action relevant to applied research to address health inequalities, and inequalities in patient safety in the context of health and care services.

This will be a foundation for wider public involvement and engagement and evolving research programmes to address local needs. It will capitalise on strengths of collective research expertise, and the hands on experiences across the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector, relevant statutory organisations, and policy and service provider leads. We have generated new partnerships between researchers, VCSE communities, and other stakeholders via the GM Public and Community Involvement and Engagement (PCIE) forum hosted by ARC-GM and Health Innovation Manchester.

We have also generated key partnerships via existing research focused on marginalised groups with the NIHR Patient Safety Translational Research Centre. This event will build upon and extend these valuable partnerships to set an agenda for co-producing further research to tackle health inequalities and to address areas with the greatest need for improvements in patient safety in GM.

You are being invited to attend this event because of your expertise and/or because of the interests and work of an organisation you are part of. We would very much value your input drawing on your expertise and experience to help lay the foundation for some of our future work to address health inequalities and to meet local needs.

The event will include:

• Brief showcasing of some current research relevant to health inequalities across ARC-GM/ GM PSTRC – e.g. on mental health, ageing and care homes, homelessness, social prescribing, medication safety, vaccination, and maternity

• Brief showcasing of work within VCSE sector, and key organisations highlighting and addressing needs and potential areas for research

• Facilitated break-out group discussions on key areas such as:

• Areas where there is a need for further research

• Actions to enable research to reflect greater diversity and inclusion

• How to strengthen relevant community partnerships and co-production of research

• Setting an agenda for action

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