10:00:00 - 13:00:00

Acknowledging Diversity (The Academy for Education and Professional Development)

G.050 A/B Stopford Building, 176 Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PL

Delivered by Rebecca Farrington, Catherine Prescott & UoM undergraduate students

Using multimedia and promoting the student voice, we will open a discussion on diversity and its impact on the learning environment.

An opportunity to talk about experiences, good and bad, in a safe space will help share understanding of how to move forward with improving the ways we can all become more inclusive.

Practical exercises, focusing on microaggressions, will equip participants with tools to use in their daily lives.

  • Participants will critically reflect on how acknowledging diversity can inform multiple levels of their teaching and/or clinical practice.
  • They will explore the concepts of culture and diversity through activities to enhance awareness of microaggressions
  • Using student experiences as case-studies they will consider the relevance to their own inclusive learning environments.
  • In order to improve staff and student experience the session will promote a commitment to change.
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