GM Health and Care Digital Transformation Strategy

The Greater Manchester (GM) Health and Care Digital Transformation Strategy is our shared approach to make digital health services work better for everyone.

It has been led by Health Innovation Manchester on behalf of GM’s NHS and social care partners and shaped by the participation and involvement of over 250 local people, and 250 care professionals.

Dr Gareth Thomas, Digital Innovation Director at Health Innovation Manchester and NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, describes the ambitions of the Health and Care Digital Transformation Strategy:

Our five ambitions:

Digital, data and technology have the potential to transform care for everyone in Greater Manchester. Digital transformation can help people stay well, detect illness earlier, and give people greater control over their own health.

This strategy explains how we will use digital, data and technology to transform our health and care system, and improve outcomes for everyone in Greater Manchester.

It sets out our five shared ambitions to use digital innovations to (please click each tab below to read more):

What this means for you:

You’ll receive joined-up care from front different services and professionals, especially if you need support with multiple long-term conditions.

What this means for you:

You’ll experience services that work well, with health and care professionals focused on delivering the best possible care, supported by the power of digital technology.

What this means for you:

You’ll be enabled to manage your own physical and mental needs, helping you stay well and maintain your independence at home.

What this means for you:

You’ll experience health and care services that are more proactive in helping you to manage your health and wellbeing, providing more personalised care when it’s needed – including detecting illness and intervening earlier.

What this means for you:

You’ll be receiving leading edge care and treatment that meet your individual needs, and benefiting from digital technologies that support you to have equal access to health and care.

It’s a key driver of our long term aims to transform the NHS, empower our citizens, and to make GM a world-leading digital city region.

It sets out how our city region will both accelerate new digital innovations, and leverage existing digital resources such as the GM Care Record and mobile self-care apps, to reduce health inequalities and help people to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Our three areas of focus:

The strategy also sets out our three areas of focus which will deliver on our five ambitions (please click each image below to read more):

A nurse holding a phone and an ipad/tablet.


Pharmacist holding computer tablet


Two colleagues pointing at a laptop screen.


The strategy has these ambitions at its heart of its approach; and is the guiding philosophy for the long-term digital transformation of NHS and care services in Greater Manchester.

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