Celebrating the ERDF R&I Health Accelerator: putting innovators in touch with our region’s research, academia and innovation experts

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As the ERDF Research and Innovation (R&I) Health Accelerator programme comes to a close, Health Innovation Manchester celebrates a select number of companies who have been supported with their innovations through the programme. We are proud to showcase Greater Manchester as a region where innovation thrives through collaboration with its research and academic partners.

The R&I Health Accelerator is an ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) part-funded project delivered by Health Innovation Manchester, The University of ManchesterThe University of Manchester Innovation FactoryManchester City Council and Bionow.

From navigating the health and care system, to developing value propositions, ethics & regulatory advice, and gaining access to university-wide expertise, the support companies have received since the Accelerator’s start in 2020 has helped over 60 companies from across the city-region and beyond.

Of these 60-plus companies to receive support, six SMEs were invited by Health Innovation Manchester to share their experiences. Through a series of video case studies we heard from passionate and driven individuals who introduce their innovative idea, and explain how receiving support through the Accelerator has allowed them connect with partners and access expertise to support the growth of their company or product.

These interviews and case studies captured share learnings, details on the bespoke support provided by experts from across Manchester’s academic ecosystem, and showcased the wealth of collaboration that has taken place with research and academic partners over the last three years.

The companies interviewed are (click each image to read more):

Hojjat Azadbakht, CEO and Founder of AINOSTICS


Gaele Lalahy, Chief Operating Officer at Balance App

Balance App

Dr Penny Trayner, Chartered Paediatric Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director of Clinical Neuropsychology Services (left) and Charlotte Giblin, Assistant Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychology Services (right)

Clinical Neuropsychology Services

Sarah Cordery, Founder and Director of Kuppd


Martyn Boaden, Director of Viscgo


Lisa Miles, Co-Founder and Director of Wilbo’s Blends

Wilbo's Blends

Prof Chris Taylor, Associate Vice President of Digital Strategy & Innovation at the University of Manchester, said: “Research collaborations have been crucial to the success of the R&I Health Accelerator Project, allowing SMEs to access academic and teaching hospital expertise to help develop and commercialise their products and services. In many cases this has catalysed ongoing relationships that will continue to drive health and care innovation.”

Daniel Zamora, Commercial Programme Manager at Health Innovation Manchester said: “The R&I Health Accelerator project has created new and developed existing collaborations between healthcare, academic and industry partners and we look forward to continuing these collaborations after the ERDF funded project closes this year.”

The ERDF Research & Innovation (R&I) Health Accelerator is now closed for delivery as of June 2023. For any other commercial inquiries please contact our commercial team via the Innovation Nexus: in@healthinnovationmanchester.com

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