System Improvement

Utilisation Management

Utilisation Management System Improvement

Improving the health and wellbeing of local populations by supporting health and care systems to improve patient pathways

With a wealth of pioneering analysis and improvement methods, we can support local services, organisations and systems to identify key challenges and take action to overcome them.

Through the provision of actionable insights and independent analysis, together with improvement support and coaching at all levels, we enable quality improvements in care delivery across the whole system.

We provide organisations with the benefits of specialist clinical analytics expertise, improvement support and an independent viewpoint to accelerate improvements.

  • We offer an informed, external perspective
  • We are skilled in providing constructive challenge to prompt collaboration and system learning
  • We provide a sense check for system level improvement plans
  • We provide additional capacity and expertise to support the delivery of improvements
  • We ensure there is a clear and sustainable focus on measurable outcomes (data) to track improvement and transformational change
Utilisation Management Unit
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