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The Dementia Industry Group (DIG) is a collaborative life sciences industry group which includes Janssen alongside other pharmaceutical companies. It was established to support the UK in leading the field of dementia treatment and research.

Dementia is a priority area within Greater Manchester and the city-region is working in partnership with DIG to deliver an Early Dementia Diagnostic Framework to consider ways that we can prevent the onset of dementia, in future. Together we have established principles for collaboration and framework workstreams, all of which will tackle the issue of dementia like never before:

  1. Public involvement and engagement – to increase detection of symptomatic people
  2. Risk profiling and biomarkers – to better identify the specific needs of symptomatic people
  3. Data access and platform development – to enable effective screening and recording
  4. Future care pathway and tracking development – to outline the process and to better support those affected
  5. Ethics, regulatory aspects and health economics – to address the ethical and regulatory aspects of a detection framework
  6. Funding and intervention – to address the affordability aspect for new interventions in dementia

Our overriding vision is to improve outcomes in dementia by ensuring optimal access and uptake of innovative technologies and treatments for eligible patients; as well as ensuring the healthcare system is geared up to provide the best support for people living with dementia.

The early warning signs of dementia have never before been systematically documented for analysis and having a framework in place to fully support those affected will be key to delivering more personalised care.

The ultimate aim of the framework is to act as a functioning early diagnostic marker in clinical practice, so when disease-modifying treatments become available, people who may benefit can be rapidly identified and treated in time.

If successful, the extensive dementia treatment framework being devised in Manchester has the potential to be replicated across the partnership network and rolled out globally – positively impacting the millions of people affected by dementia, and their loved ones.

Find out more about the Dementia Early Detection and Diagnostic Framework project.

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