Tactical performance analysis

We are able to produce performance dashboards that bring together regional hospital activity data on a monthly and/or weekly basis. These dashboards report on key metrics surrounding A&E performance and activity through both A&E and inpatient data. We are then able to analyse the dashboards in order to help support improvement and identify key pressure points and issues. These key areas of analysis include:


  • Number of attendances
  • A&E 4 hour performance
  • Ambulance turnaround time and waits
  • 4-12 hour waits from DTA


  • Emergency admissions (via A&E & direct routes)
  • Medical outliers as % of occupied beds
  • Delayed transfers of care as % of occupied beds

The dashboards allow clients to compare current performance and activity to the corresponding period last year and to the previous period, highlighting whether the site’s performance has decreased or increased. It also allows for benchmarking against neighbouring Trusts and regions, where data is available. The scorecard within the dashboard indicates how each site is performing compared to the expected performance and activity which has been calculated based on previous site specific data using formulae that take into consideration special days and seasonal trends.

Information gathered from the dashboards is used by us in order to advise and inform our clients on pressure points within the system. Potential areas of improvement are identified in order to efficiently manage non-elective activity within the local health economy.