Adoption and Spread

Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Patient Safety Collaborative

The National Patient Safety Improvement Programme (NPSIP) is in a unique position to identify and support the spread and adoption of effective evidence-based practice across England. This patient safety collaborative adoption and spread workstream facilitates and accelerates the pace of adoption making sure that the whole system can benefit from these interventions. 

In 2019/20 the programme is supporting the spread and adoption of four priority interventions, and will also identify evidence-based interventions that will help inform future priorities.


COPD Discharge Care Bundle

Improving care and reducing readmissions

Hospital Blur

Emergency Department Patient Safety Checklist

Improving basic care, resilience and safety


PReCePT PreTerm Labour Programme

Prevention of Cerebral Palsy in PreTerm Labour


Emergency Laparotomy Care Bundle

Improve standards of care for patients in surgery

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