The Wellcome Trust Institutional Translational Partnership Award (iTPA)

The University of Manchester has been awarded Wellcome Trust (WT) funding to undertake a two- year pilot scheme, aimed at building better links between science, technology and innovation by removing barriers between disciplines and making it easier to take the first translational step.

This funding has enabled the appointment of two Translational Research Facilitators (TRFs), who will aid investigators with ensuring translatability of ongoing projects, forge new and productive connections between academic researchers and the clinical workforce and lead the following two schemes that have been funded as part of the award:

The Access to Expertise Award (£125,000 pa) will enable investigators to access appropriate expertise to help unblock specific bottlenecks associated with translational research and shift their research to the next phase of translation. Six projects of 6-12 month duration will be awarded up to £25,000. The first two rounds of this competition have now taken place.

The Translational Research Project Award (£110,000 pa) will fund studies that move research projects along the translational pathway. These could be linked to our BRC themes or other key areas of research strength including that from our WT funded researchers. Two projects of 6-12 month duration will be awarded up to £55,000. This call is currently closed.

Both awards are open to the Faculties of Humanities, Science and Engineering, and Biology, Medicine, and Health.

Projects for Translation (P4T) — Call now closed

The ‘iTPA P4T Award’ fund aims to encourage:

  • Inter-disciplinary working to address major challenges in translational research
  • The translation of basic biological research into the elucidation of disease mechanisms
  • The translation of new data into the clinical setting and health decision making

Application requests closed on Friday 28 September 2018. Successful applicants will be notified in December 2018

2018 eligibility criteria were:

  • BRC themes (advanced radiotherapy; cancer precision medicine; cancer prevention and early detection; dermatology; hearing health; musculoskeletal diseases; respiratory diseases)
  • Other key areas of research strength (cardiovascular, endocrine and metabolic science; cellular and development systems; evolution, systems and genomics; infection, immunity, inflammation and repair; neuroscience and mental health; platform sciences and technologies; population health and ecosystems)
  • Areas from our WT funded researchers

The P4T award will fund with a duration of 6-9 months (but will exceptionally consider projects up to 12 months maximum duration).

The scheme is not intended to fund an entire project, but to support ongoing projects to overcome a particular barrier to translation which needs addressing. Costs will be provided for 100% of Directly Incurred costs only, up to £55,000.

If all awards are made in December 2018, there will be no further opportunity to apply for this funding stream so investigators are encouraged to apply early.

Access to Expertise (A2E) Award *Round 2 coming March 2019*

The ‘Access to Expertise’ fund aims to enable:

Access to appropriate technical expertise; for example,
Second bioinformatics/biostatistics expertise or time to maximally capitalise on large data sets
Buy out dedicated time for trials physicians and nurses to interact fully with academics, and for academics to spend time in a clinical setting

  • Access to complex and specific regulatory advice
  • Recruitment of external mentors/entrepreneursin residence to guide academics in engaging with translational research with tailored routes to clinic/market
  • Secondment in a clinical or industrial environment
  • Analysis of market/patient need and competitive landscapes

* This list is not exhaustive, and other methods of overcoming research challenges by accessing expertise will also be considered.

The scheme is not intended to fund an entire project but to support expert engagement that would overcome a particular hurdle that needs to be addressed before a proposal for further funding could be submitted. We anticipate award duration being typically ~ 6-9 months but will consider up to maximum 12 months. Funding will be provided for 100% of Directly Incurred costs only, up to £25,000.

This competition is open to all areas of translational research including (but not limited to) therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and informatics, at all stages of the translational pipeline; from translation of basic science, to better understanding of disease mechanisms, to clinical application, translation of new data into the clinic and health decision making.

Applications are open to the Faculties of Humanities, Science and Engineering, and Biology, Medicine and Health.

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