Clinical Researchers' Resource Library

This toolkit of resources will help you with the practical steps in setting up your clinical research quickly, efficiently and with the necessary documentation in place.

Each resource in the library is individually dated and most are freely available to view, download and use straightaway. The library contains the latest available version of each document. If there are particular materials you think it would be helpful to have in the library, please let us know.

Focus areaDocumentsRelevant WebsitesNotes
Internal review - NIHR / Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) grant applications

NIHR RfPB Grant Applications – Peer Review Process

The document details the internal peer review service which is designed to enhance the competitiveness of RfPB grant applications. Details of the NIHR’s latest call for RfPB applications will be posted on the news section of the website.

Intellectual Property

HInM IP Management / IP Policy Quick Guide

UMIP – The University of Manchester’s Agent for Intellectual Property Commercialisation Trustech – the NW NHS innovation service

Clinical Trial Costing and Contracting

HInM mCTA Subcontract

NIHR Clinical Trials Agreements

This website contains a suite of standard/model agreements that have been endorsed by the NHS, HEI and pharma organisations that can be used for a number of categories of clinical trials and studies

Inter-organisational Research Agreements

This document is password protected, contact: Lloyd Gregory, Director of Strategy and Academic Partnerships Tel: 0161 306 0111 This agreement can be used for subcontracting between universities and trusts or between trusts for clinical services (Pharmacy, Labs, Radiology etc) in relation to commercial clinical trials

Research Governance Tools


These tools can be used to monitor and audit Clinical Trials of Investigational Medicinal Products and other clinical studies. NB: the two documents are the same just presented in different formats

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