Public and Community Involvement and Engagement Panel

Health Innovation Manchester works hard to ensure that the voices of local people are at the heart of all that we do. To reflect this ambition, we have established a substantial Public and Community Involvement and Engagement Panel. This core group brings together 15 local people from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds, that bring a range of skills, knowledge and lived experience to our portfolio of work.

Panel members were recruited in a variety of ways, but this included reaching out to connect with under-represented communities and marginalised groups. This was so that our panel could be more representative of some of the diverse communities of Greater Manchester.

Panel members are also NHS patients and carers who often have experienced their own health problems. This lived experience is enabling us to better understand how to support people living with long term conditions.

There are many other reasons why the public may want to join a panel like this but to learn more about the reasons our members wanted to get involved click on the tab below.

  • Tackling all forms of inequality and discrimination
  • Challenging stigma particularly around mental health and addiction
  • Ensuring citizen’s voices are heard
  • Passionate about changing attitudes
  • Highlighting the link between physical and mental health
  • Patient voices will help create a better NHS
  • Improve the communication between the different silos that form primary care
  • Better assistance for carers
  • Comradeship and working as a team for the greater good of citizens.
  • Enjoy shared learning, sharing insights and knowledge.
  • Enjoy the comradeship and shared learning and the knowledge exchange.
  • Working as a team for the greater good.

By acting as our critical friends and by sharing their skills, knowledge and personal experiences of healthcare with us and our partners, panel members add so much value to our work. Our panel helps us to:

  • Bring public perspectives and insights that enable us to improve the health and wellbeing of the all the citizens and communities of Greater Manchester.
  • Increase our understanding of what is important to local people including different communities and social groups so that we can set priorities and focus on projects that benefit all of our Greater Manchester citizens.
  • Plan and co-ordinate our strategy for Public and Community Involvement and Engagement.
  • Ensure our involvement and engagement activities are co-produced and consistent with Health Innovation Manchester’s strategic aims and objectives.
  • Understand how to better support people living with different health needs and long-term conditions.
  • Contribute to decisions made about new projects coming through the Health Innovation Manchester pipeline. This includes innovations developed by small and medium sized enterprises that we support through the European Regional Development Fund. This funding will continue until mid-2023.
  • Support and contribute to partnership working and the co-production of research for the Applied Research Collaboration (ARC-GM) in Greater Manchester and the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC).

Relationships are key to meaningful involvement and engagement and panel members often have connections to other grass roots community groups, charities and other valuable networks.

By acting as Community Champions and connectors, this core group are enabling us to be more inclusive by ensuring the involvement and engagement of seldom heard and marginalised groups. To learn more about some of the connections our panel members bring click on the images below.

Voluntary Sector

Community Groups

BAME Communities

Other contacts & networks

Research for the Future

NHS & academic connections

Case Studies

Digital video doctor appointment

Lucy Williams: Gaining public insights to inform digital primary care improvements

Amber Yasin: the PCIE Panel & the Momentum Fund

Person holding a pen filing in a survey

Russ Cowper: the Momentum Fund

Nicky Timmis and Liz Brookes - Living Well beyond a Dementia Diagnosis

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