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Public Involvement and Engagement

Health Innovation Manchester ensure that patient and public voices are at the heart of research and innovation across the entire translational pathway.

Our Patient Experience Group (PEG) continues to be invaluable resource that enables us to deliver programmes and projects which are grounded in the lived experience. Throughout 2017/2018 PEG members have continued to be involved in a wide range of work underpinned by the following organisation objectives:

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Value public involvement and develop the capacity and capability of staff to involve, by supporting and promoting involvement and engagement, with attention to diversity and inclusivity.

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Form partnerships with key stakeholders to enhance our public involvement work, proactively sharing and acquiring learning from among existing networks.

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Place public involvement and engagement at the core of our business by embedding involvement at all levels

Over 2017/2018 year all HInM Programme Leads and Projects Managers reviewed their portfolios to make clear the public involvement and engagement aspects and have been feeding this back in through the PEG group to access the required support for co-producing approaches to Health and Implementation.

PEG members have also been working closely with Health Innovation Manchester colleagues to highlighting the important of the PP&E agenda and support the organisation to work towards a true co-production model – which is Health Innovation Manchester’s ambition.

In 2017 / 2018 we have:

  • PEG members were involvement in the HInM Innovation and Prioritisation Committee (IPMC) workshop, to develop the health and care ‘systems’ approach to prioritisation of system level innovations. A public member has now nominated and in position as part of the IPMC Membership.
  • PEG members played a key part in Fuelling Ambition Creatively Together (FACT), this initiative was designed for young people to showcase their ideas for digital innovations in the world of health. PEG members sat as part of an expert panel, providing feedback and support for further development and refinement of ideas.
  • PEG members attended the HInM Patient Safety, Maternity and Neonatal Learning System launch event to kick start public involvement and engagement agenda across PSC workstreams. The PSC team have now produced a plan for patients and public involvement and engagement across their work-streams.
  • PEG members have been working with the Programme Manager of the European Regional Development Fund at HInM on Health 2.0. Health 2.0 is a meetup group focused on innovations in the delivery of healthcare and health related technology. This community aims to share, discuss, showcase and develop ideas to improve patient care.
  • The development of an Early Detection and Diagnostic Dementia Framework for Greater Manchester has seen a PEG representative facilitating and leading discussions of the Public and Involvement workstream.
  • PEG make up an important part of Health Innovation Manchester’s Innovation Panel, offering feedback on innovation grants/ applications.
  • PEG Public Co-Chair (Alan Campbell) has continued to attend and feedback from the National AHSN Involvement Leads meeting and working to influence the national agenda around involvement and engagement.
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