Utilisation Management

The NHS Utilisation Management Unit (UM Unit) within Health Innovation Manchester is the only clinically led analytics service, owned and operated by the NHS.

As a team we have developed a highly regarded set of system redesign capabilities through the analysis of health and social care performance data – particularly in relation to urgent and emergency care.

We are recognised nationally and internationally as authoritative opinion leaders in this field.

“The Health and Social Care sector in Northern Ireland has established an excellent relationship with the Utilisation Management Unit over the past few years that has made a significant contribution to improving patient flow. The team brought a high level of expertise and had credibility with clinical teams locally which was essential in constructively challenging some existing working practices and testing new ways of working. In particular, the support of the Unit in developing and refining site co-ordination arrangements has been central to securing improvements in unscheduled care patient flow, and the ‘100% challenge’ has helped to demonstrate what is possible and build confidence. The team have also played an important role in the development and testing of our winter resilience plans.” -Michael Bloomfield, Chief Executive NI Ambulance Service.

We have extensive expertise in supporting acute providers, CCGs, social care and other health care organisations to accurately interpret performance data and then facilitate strategic, tactical and operational changes to improve patient outcomes, patient experience and flow within health and social care systems. We are able to offer tailored strategic information which supports:

  • Clinical service redesign
  • Urgent and Emergency Care system support redesign
  • Whole health and social care system improvement, including capacity planning

We have a  reputation, developed over a number of years, as an authentic and clinically credible support team, assisting providers and commissioners in generating insight into service challenges. The depth and validity of the analysis we provide is not replicated by other improvement support offers.

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