Greater Manchester

Mental Health Pricing Review Model

Health Innovation Manchester aims to demonstrate innovation in the field of mental health through the testing of an outcomes based pricing model for schizophrenia treatments.

Pharmaceutical Industry partner Janssen-Cilag has offered Mental Health Trusts in Greater Manchester a rebate scheme which reimburses the provider if the treatment doesn’t work as planned.

Newer, second-generation antipsychotics represent an advance in the long-term management of schizophrenia and the project provides an evaluation of those who have been clinically approved and initiated on the medications within mental health trust.

As a relapse in schizophrenia can cost between £12,000 and £25,000, Janssen-Cilag has developed an outcomes payment scheme and rebate to demonstrate their belief that their medicines can play a role in preventing relapse and the key cost that goes with it.

The scheme has provided real-world data as to whether the second-generation antipsychotic injections prevent relapse and admission as well as potential financial savings of £10,000 against medication costs for 2017, with the scheme in place for two trusts until June 2021.

The anticipation is that the tracking of the patient journey and understanding discontinuation and relapse will lead to better care with improved outcomes.

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