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The National Patient Safety Improvement Programme (NatPatSIP) is led by NHS Improvement national patient safety team. It is delivered regionally by the 15 Patient Safety Collaboratives (including Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Patient Safety Collaborative) and is the largest safety improvement initiative in the history of the NHS.

Patient safety improvement programmes (SIPs) are a key part of the NHS Patient Safety Strategy, launched in July 2019, to deliver safety and quality improvements across the NHS in England. They are managed and led by the national patient safety team. SIPs aim to create continuous and sustainable improvement in settings such as maternity units, emergency departments, mental health trusts, GP practices and care homes.

They include:

  • the National Patient Safety Improvement Programme
  • the Maternity and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme
  • the Medicines Safety Improvement Programme

Since its inception in 2014, the patient safety improvement programme (previously known as the National Patient Safety Collaborative Programme) has been addressing national patient safety concerns. It works with patients, carers, clinicians, managers and safety experts, supporting the system to improve and uphold safety as a top priority.

The programme aims to:

  • Support the national patient safety strategy and improvement work
  • Create safer systems and pathways of care that reflect continuous learning and improvement
  • Extract learning from excellence and errors
  • Share improvement learning with a view to national scale-up and adoption
  • Support the reduction of avoidable harm and variations in safe care delivery
  • Help to nurture the conditions to allow a culture of safety to flourish

Building on the work of their first five years, the PSCs are a key delivery arm of the NPSIP, supporting the ambition to deliver improvement in patient safety as set out in the new NHS patient safety strategy.,

The NPSIP is a joint initiative, funded and co-ordinated by NHS England and NHS Improvement, and deliovered locally by teams hosted by the 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs).

Find out more at www.ahsnnetwork.com/patient-safety-collaboratives/.

Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Patient Safety Collaborative Mission Statement: Supporting quality improvement, testing innovation, sharing knowledge and expertise, inspiring voices, promoting a safety culture, collaborating across the system and enabling safe care, everywhere, every time.

Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Patient Safety Collaborative (GMECPSC)

Safety and ensuring patients are not harmed within a health and social care setting is everyone’s responsibility and Greater Manchester & Eastern Cheshire is in a unique position to be able to support and create a smooth pathway to improvement.

Through the Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Patient Safety Collaborative, hosted by Health Innovation Manchester, we can work directly with local teams, supporting them to make sure they have the right skills and resources to implement improvements. We can also share good practice across the health system, focus on people-centred care and build relationships with NHS staff, business and academia to stimulate innovation and improvement.

The PSC has been set up to support, connect and provide initiatives and activities to drive improvement and ensure patient safety is embedded throughout the Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire health and social care community.

The PSCs work collectively on a number of national workstreams with staff in hospitals, community settings, primary care and care homes, including: will focus on three national areas of work:

Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Patient Safety Collaborative: Deterioration

Early recognition and response to physical deterioration

Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Patient Safety Collaborative: Maternity

Improving maternal and neonatal safety

Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Patient Safety Collaborative: Adoption and Spread

Adoption and Spread

Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Patient Safety Collaborative: Medicines Safety

Medicines Safety

To find out more about the project contact: patientsafetycollaborative@healthinnovationmanchester.com and follow them on Twitter @GMEC_PSC

Case Study: Gillian Bardsley's story

Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Patient Safety Collaborative Case Study: Maternity Voices Sam Wheelan and Gillian Bardsley

When Gillian Bardsley had a poor experience giving birth to her daughter Jessie in February 2017 following an induction at the Royal Oldham Hospital, she was inspired to bring about change for other women.

Gillian was left with PTSD symptoms and wrote a letter of complaint which resulted in a meeting the hospital’s Head of Midwifery at the time where she shared her experience.

Gillian said: “She managed to answer the questions that I had, gave me a sense that I was heard and gave me the closure I needed following the experience.”

Gillian was then put in touch with Patient Experience Midwife Sam Whelan, learned about the plans to improve the department and quickly became engrossed in the drive for change, appearing in a patient experience video which was used for training with the maternity department.

She then began to share her story on a wider stage, including speaking at NHS Improvement Conferences in Manchester where she met Debby Gould, GMEC PSC Clinical Lead, Maternity and Neonatal.

Gillian continued: “I attended one of the PSC learning system events and found it interesting to learn more about the activities going on to improve birth experiences.

“It is great to see that the PSC is bringing together professionals and women together to share best practice and learn from ideas from across the network.”

Gillian has also worked with Sam to set up and chair a Maternity Voices Partnership for Rochdale and Oldham. The group, which is supported by Health Innovation Manchester, aims to give women the opportunity to help co-design and improve local maternity services.

“I am happy to report that more and more women are getting involved with the group and we are going to carry out the 15 Steps for Maternity initiative which is aimed at reporting on first impressions and delivering ideas for how we could improve things from a woman’s point of view,” Gillian said.

“The PSC have been great supporters of the group, attending our launch event, helping with materials to display at the hospital and encourage women to get involved.

“The impact of this on me has been a healing one, I feel that being heard, and having the opportunity to give back is part of the reason why I have been able to recover from the effects of the birth.

“As a service user, I would like a more workshop approach to delivering changes that would encourage women to speak up and give their views about specific change projects. There is more value we can add in that way than in any other, I believe.”

Sam added: “Health Innovation Manchester and the PSC team were a fundamental point of contact for making links with other Health Professionals across the area and supported the set-up of the Rochdale and Oldham Maternity Voices Group.

“It is fundamentally important that women’s voices are heard and suggestions for change are made so that continuous improvement can occur.

“Together Gillian and I forged a way to launch the group in May and I am looking forward to the group taking part in the ‘15 Steps’ initiative on the maternity unit at The Royal Oldham Hospital.

“I would encourage others to seek support from Health Innovation Manchester for their wealth of knowledge and support that they can offer for your project.”

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