New pathway launched for secondary prevention of CVD in Greater Manchester


Health Innovation Manchester is working on a wide programme of work across Greater Manchester to improve care and outcomes for people with cardiovascular disease (CVD). This includes the recent launch of a new GMMMG-approved pathway for secondary prevention of CVD.

The biggest area where the NHS can save lives over the next 10 years is in reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD), through targeted approaches to reduce the widening of health inequalities.

Hypercholesterolaemia (high blood cholesterol) is a significant risk factor for CVD, and evidence suggests that improving the detection of those with hypercholesterolaemia and ensuring they receive effective treatment will have significant benefits.

Working in partnership with the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) Rapid Uptake Products (RUP) lipid management programme, the AHSN Network are working to improve patient access to appropriate medicines on the lipids management pathway using the NICE-recommended clinical pathway.


Created in collaboration with healthcare professionals across the Greater Manchester system, Health Innovation Manchester have developed variety of resources and support:

  • The recently launched GMMMG-approved Greater Manchester lipid pathway complements the NHSE/NICE Lipid pathway (Dec 2022), and provides guidance for lipid management for primary and secondary prevention of CVD. For further support, healthcare professionals can access the new ‘Lipid management for secondary prevention of CVD’ educational webinar here.
  • Information is also available for inclisiran, an injection-based lipid treatment to reduce LDL cholesterol. Approved by NICE and listed as Green by GMMMG, inclisiran has been identified by NHS England and NHS Improvement as a medicine that can help tackle lipid management in a large high-risk patient population. Healthcare professionals can access the new educational webinar on inclisiran use, guidance, prescribing and ordering here.
  • Support is also available to help healthcare professionals identify high-risk patients requiring lipid optimisation for secondary prevention of CVD, with guidance for case finding using TPP System One and EMIS. By using the case finding tool, healthcare professionals can clearly identify and prioritise eligible patients.


Jay Hamilton, Programme Director for Industry Partnerships at Health Innovation Manchester, said: “This programme of work demonstrates the importance of collaboration across Greater Manchester to improve care and outcomes for people with CVD, and subsequently reduce health inequalities in our society. The resources available provide clear guidance for healthcare professionals to identify high-risk patients requiring lipid optimisation for secondary prevention of CVD, and I look forward to seeing a positive impact for both patients with CVD, and healthcare professionals managing those patients.”


Dr Aseem Mishra, a GP in Greater Manchester and CVD lead for the ICS, said: “There is a clear link between societal inequality and poorer CVD outcomes: tackling inequalities is synonymous with tackling CVD and narrowing the gap in outcomes between different groups of people within our society. While Greater Manchester may have some of the worst CVD related outcomes in England, we have significant opportunities for improvement, especially in reducing some of the risk factors that contribute to CVD, such as a high cholesterol.”


EVENT: Managing Cholesterol in Greater Manchester

Health Innovation Manchester invites health care professionals across Greater Manchester primary care to the launch of a new lipid pathway for secondary prevention of CVD.


CVD Prevention Resources for Greater Manchester

All resources for CVD prevention in Greater Manchester can be accessed here.

GMMMG approved lipid pathway:

  • Access the Greater Manchester lipid pathway here.

GM CVD prevention lipid management case finding tool:

  • Access guidance for case finding using TPP System One here
  • Access guidance for case finding using EMIS here

Inclisiran Prescribing and Ordering Information

  • Access Inclisiran prescribing and ordering information here.
  • Access the Patient Information Leaflet for Inclisiran and cholesterol here.
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